Nana reveals a different appearance after getting heavily tattooed

After gaining attention for boasting her “full-body tattoo”, Nana is making a comeback with the upcoming drama “Mask Girl.”

On July 13th, various photos of Nana, who seems to have tried to remove her tattoos, were published on an online community. In particular, the post compared Nana’s old photos when she was newly tattooed with recent photos, where the tattoos look faded. 


The netizen who uploaded the photos wrote, “It was said that tattoo removal is very painful and takes a long time. However, it seems like we don’t have to worry about her activities in the entertainment industry anymore.”

When another netizen asked if the tattoos had only faded, someone responded, “They don’t fade that quickly. If it looks like that, it means she is removing them.” Others also left comments such as, “If the tattooed area has turned reddish, it means she is removing them. I’ve had tattoos removed, and it turned out like that”, “(Removing the tattoos) seems inevitable if she wants to maintain her acting career,” and “It must be painful.”


Meanwhile, Nana previously gained attention in October last year, when she appeared at the press conference for the Netflix drama “Glitch” with tattoos that cover her entire body.

Afterwards, Nana appeared in the movie “Confession”, which was released theatrically in South Korea in October, and is scheduled to make a comeback with the Netflix drama “Mask Girl” on August 18, 2023.


“Mask Girl” is adapted from a webtoon of the same name and depicts the story of an ordinary office worker, Kim Mo Mi. Since she has a severe sense of inferiority when it comes to her appearance, Mo Mi performs as an internet broadcast BJ while hiding her face behind a mask.


In “Mask Girl”, Nana plays the role of Kim Mo Mi alongside actress Go Hyun Jung. As the story progresses, this character becomes involved in various incidents and grows obsessed with fame and plastic surgery.

Source: Wikitree

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