This actress, who debut 6 years ago, has already worked with Nam Goong Min for 4 times

An actress who has co-starred with Nam Goong Min in 4 works is drawing attention for her new-released still.

Actress Kim Ji Eun, who debuted in a Maxim Coffee commercial in 2016, appeared in the OCN drama “Strangers From Hell” in 2019 and ever since, has been slowly building up her reputation.

Last year, she earned a lot of recognition after starring alongside famous actor Nam Goong Min in “The Veil”.

Kim Ji-eun

In her 6-year career, Kim Ji Eun has worked with Nam Goong Min in 4 separate occasions, including “The Veil”, “Doctor Prisoner”, a game CF, and in the upcoming legal drama “One Dollar Lawyer”, which is scheduled to air this year. 

In the past, Kim Ji Eun won Rookie of the Year at the Asian Model Awards and the Newcomer Award at the MBC Drama Awards thanks to her role in “The Veil” – which boasts a rather dark atmosphere and a lot of action sequences. 

Kim Ji-eun

Her next drama, “One Dollar Lawyer”, also incorporates legal elements, but instead of being grim, this work is a comedy with a bright feeling. 

SBS series “One Dollar Lawyer”, which will be aired for the first time on September 23rd, is a thrilling court drama that revolves around Cheon Ji Hoon, a “god-level” lawyer who has the best skills, yet only takes a fee of 1,000 won, make him a reliable support for client with no background nor wealth. In the series, Nam Goong Min will play Cheon Ji Hoon, while Kim Ji Eun will take on the role of Marie, who is born with a golden spoon. 

Kim Ji-eun

SBS previously released a witty group poster for this series, which pays homage to the famous painting “Liberty Leading the People”. Teaser videos have also been dropped, leading to high expectations and a lot of attention even before the broadcast date. 

On September 6th, Kim Ji Eun, who plays the female lead, was featured in the 2nd teaser video of “One Dollar Lawyer”, which was published on the SBS official home page. 

Kim Ji-eun

The teaser shows Baek Marie (Kim Ji Eun), who graduated from the Judicial Research and Training Institute, wearing a hot pink suit that catches everyone’s attention on the first day of work.

She was supposed to work for the country’s biggest law firm “Baek”, but her grandfather ordered her to go to Cheon Ji Hoon’s shabby lawyer office instead, telling her to survive there for at least 2 months. 

Meanwhile, in the teaser video and stills released in advance, Kim Ji Eun’s gorgeous visuals caught the attention of netizens.

Kim Ji-eun

The actress, who boasts a chic short haircut, colorful accessories, and neon suit, immediately changes the atmosphere of a static examination room into a bright one.

In an interview, Kim Ji Eun said, “I thought it was Marie’s charm to talk about her thoughts and opinions honestly, so I styled her in a short bob and colorful outfit. I’m trying to convey Marie’s behavior internally without looking rude.”

Kim Ji-eun

The actress also added, “I think I will be able to show viewers an acting performance and various styling that they have never seen me in before. I’m working hard to make the audience think, ‘There’s something about this Kim Ji Eun’. So, please show me a lot of love.”

He also said, “I think I will be able to see you with acting and colorful styling that you have never seen before.”

Source: Daum

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