Nam Joo-hyuk has a weird hand shape? “It was not a mistake. I wanted to explain it”

Actor Nam Joo-hyuk explained his unnatural hand shape at the Blue Dragon Film Festival Handprinting Event in the past.

Nam Joo-hyuk

On March 31st, Nam Joo-hyuk’s agency, Management SOOP, uploaded on its Youtube channel a video titled, “I’m telling you this now… ? Baek Yi-jin Journalist Test ?”

Nam Joo-hyuk, who has recently become more popular with his performance in cable channel tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one”. The unique shape of his hand at the 2019 Blue Dragon Film Awards Handprinting Event is drawing attention online again. As soon as Nam Joo-hyuk saw the picture, he said, “I can’t forget this. I wanted to explain it”.

The actor began to explain the situation back then, saying, “The hand printing experts came and they put one in front of each of the actors there”, adding, “So I asked, ‘What should I do?’, and he told me to push my hand in hard. The liquid was only supposed to go around my fingers but it covered them all. I asked if it was okay and he said he’ll use only the bottom. I said okay and took it out and that’s how it looked”

Nam Joo-hyuk continued, “It came out okay”, adding, “My hand is honestly huge. I can’t even make it look like that. That wasn’t a mistake. It came out fine”. He smiled and added, “It’s fine as long as it’s funny”.

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