Star couples that made headlines in the first half of 2023 (Lee Do Hyun & Lim Ji Yeon, Uhm Hyun Kyung & Cha Seo Won, etc.)

Let’s look back on celebrities who announced news of dating, marriage, and pregnancy in the first half of this year.

Lee Do Hyun & Lim Ji Yeon, love formed through “The Glory”

It was not a joke on April Fool’s Day. On April 1st, Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon, who played the main characters in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, publicized their romantic relationship. The two overcame their five-year age gap to start a beautiful love.


Regarding the dating news, Lim Ji Yeon’s agency said, “From being close senior and junior, the two are carefully getting to know each other with good feelings. Please watch them with warm gazes”. Lee Do Hyun’s agency Yuehua also released a similar statement, acknowledging the two’s romance.

Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon developed into lovers after working with each other on “The Glory”, which was released in December last year. Despite playing rivals on the screen, the two ended up having a 180-degree result in real life. 

lim ji yeon lee do hyun

Amidst netizens’ enthusiastic interest in dating witnesses, the two are still enjoying their love life and working hard on their own projects. In addition, Lee Do Hyun also plans to enlist in the military this year. 

“Second Husband” couple Uhm Hyun Kyung & Cha Seo Won announced marriage and pregnancy news

Even before revealing their romantic relationship, Uhm Hyun Kyung And Cha Seo Won announced the news of their marriage and premarital pregnancy at the same time. 

Uhm Hyun Kyung and Cha Seo Won

On the 5th, both agencies released the same notice, saying “The two actors got to know each other through a drama project. After the drama ended, they became lovers”. In particular, Cha Seo Won is currently serving in the military so the couple will hold their wedding after Cha Seo Won’s discharge at the end of May 2024.

The agencies added, “A precious life has come to Uhm Hyun Kyung and Cha Seo Won like a blessing. They are waiting to welcome the precious life with caution and gratitude.”

Yubin & Kwon Soon Woo, couple with a large age gap of 9 years

Former Wonder Girls member Yubin is dating Korea’s No.1 tennis player Kwon Soon Woo. On May 22nd, Yubin’s agency admitted to the dating rumor raised earlier on the same day, saying “The two are meeting with good feelings. However, we cannot disclose more detail because it’s the artist’s private life”. Kwon Soon Woo was born in 1997, while Yubin was born in 1988. The two are nine years apart.


In fact, Yubin had hinted at her romantic relationship before the news broke out. She reportedly came to the final match of the 2023 Davis Cup held at the indoor tennis court in Seoul Olympic Park in February to cheer for Kwon Soon Woo. There were witnesses of the female singer watching the game from the audience seat.

Apart from the three hot couples above, many other celebrity couples have been revealed, such as Park Won & his non-celebrity girlfriend, model-actor Julien Kang & a Youtuber, Son Eun Seo & BA Entertainment’s CEO Jang Won Seok, actor Go Kyu Pil & singer-songwriter Amin, Lee Jang Woo & Jo Hye Won, etc. In addition, world-famous actor Park Seo Joon was recently embroiled in rumors of having a romantic relationship with Youtuber-singer xooos.

Source: Daum

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