While IU and Rosé were competing fiercely, Baekhyun suddenly came back and got an impressive achievement!

The Kpop race in March has been exciting until the last minute when Baekhyun (EXO) has also made his comeback!

The Kpop race in March has officially ended with the return of many hot artists.  Baekhyun (EXO) was the last name when he came back on March 30 with Bambi.  After Rosé (BLACKPINK) and IU, Baekhyun is “the last boss” when he continues to achieve impressive achievements in the album segment.

While Rosé and IU are competing for the best-selling solo female artist title, Baekhyun has broken his own record, setting a new record on the solo front.  Specifically, the first day sales of all 3 albums are respectively: 216,318 copies (LILAC of IU), 282,674 copies (-R- by Rosé), 748,100 copies (Bambi of Baekhyun).

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Rosé’s 1st solo album -R-

It can be seen that, although Rosé’s -R- is holding the female record for the number of albums sold on the first day, that number is far behind Baekhyun’s Bambi.  With 748.1 thousand copies from Bambi, Baekhyun also officially became the first solo artist to have more than 500,000 copies of an album sold on the first day.

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Baekhyun’s 3rd mini-album BAMBI

Previously, Baekhyun’s Bambi reached 833,392 pre-orders.  This is an extremely large number, helping Baekhyun close to the milestone of million copies when it is only a pre-order number but not officially sold.  This number helped Baekhyun break his own record with Delight released last year (732,297 copies).  Only Baekhyun can indeed break Baekhyun’s record!

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Knets were surprised by Baekhyun’s achievement:

– I’m not a fan but always listen to Baekhyun’s music.

– Over 800,000 copies, Baekhyun is crazy!


– How can it be so great?  Baekhyun must have a lot of fans.

– Last year he sold 700,000 copies.  It is true that Baekhyun broke Baekhyun’s record.

– I even bought an album even though I’m a fan of another group.  

 – It’s not easy to hit this number even for a group, but he did it alone.

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Only Baekhyun can break Baekhyun’s record

Source: Pann, SM

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