Nam Bo-ra burst into tears: “My brother went missing before being found dead…this pain will last forever”

Actress Nam Bo-ra talked about her brother who was found dead after he disappeared seven years ago.

Nam Bo-ra appeared on the YouTube channel “Kizzle” on Sep 19th and confessed, “At first, I couldn’t accept my brother’s death.”

Nam Bo-ra met with Kim Seo-joon (18), who had the same story as her, and talked about the death of her family member. She said, “I was very worried when I received the offer to appear. I hesitated a lot because I will need to recover after opening up about my story,” she confessed.

Nam Bo-ra

“I wanted to meet you because our stories are so alike. I wanted to meet and talk about it with you,” Bo-ra said. “My brother also didn’t come home that night (when the incident occurred) and when we tracked the location of his phone (after we reported his disappearance), the atmosphere was so cold. I wanted to believe it wasn’t, but that feeling was right in the end,” she said. 

Nam Bo-ra said seven years have passed since the incident, but she is still struggling. When asked, “Is there anything you want to say to your brother?” she said, “I really want to say I’m sorry. To be honest, I think it was really hard for him,” she said, shedding tears.

Nam Bo-ra

Nam Bo-ra continued, “I think I put up with this feeling. I just cover it up. Because it’s too hard to talk about like this, I just don’t think about it on purpose. I don’t think this will go away. I think this pain will last forever, but I also think it is important to overcome without staying in this pain.”. 

Nam Bo-ra made her face known by appearing on MBC’s “Sunday Sunday Night” in 2005 as the eldest sister of 13 siblings. Since then, she has appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Look Back With A Smile,” MBC’s “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” and KBS2’s “It’s Beautiful Now.”

Source: Nate

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