‘My Dearest 2’ Unveils Still Cuts Of Nam-goong Min Transforming Into A Prisoner Hunter

Actor Nam-goong Min becomes a prisoner hunter in “My Dearest Part 2”

MBC-TV’s drama “My Dearest” unveiled still cuts of the main character Lee Jang-hyun (Nam-goong Min) two days before the first broadcast of Part 2.

The pictures show Nam-goong Min turning into a prisoner hunter. He is watching someone or something with an intense expression and sharp eyes on a wide field. Then, he pulls the bow with all his might, showcasing his charisma.

Nam-goong Min captivates viewers with his cold appearance and intense eyes. However, there’s a little bit of sadness and emptiness in his expression. The images of Lee Jang-hyun stimulate fans’ curiosity about his life after breaking up with Yoo Gil-chae (Ahn Eun-jin).

The production team said, “Part 2 will explain everything, from the reason Lee Jang-hyun was forced to become a prisoner hunter and what he wants to do as a prisoner hunter”, adding “In the process, Lee Jang-hyun will showcase explosive charms despite his sadness and pain. Actor Nam-goong Min will lead Part 2 with his overwhelming passion and aura”, raising viewers’ expectations.

Meanwhile, “My Dearest 2” is set to premiere at 9:50 p.m. on October 13th.

Source: Dispatch

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