“Moving” Opens Up New Possibilities For Korean Hero Series “Will It Become Disney+’s Franchise Series?”

Disney+’s original series “Moving” (written by Kang Full/directed by Park In-je) opened up new possibilities for Korean hero series

Before the release of “Moving“, the response from the broadcasting industry was mixed. With a production budget of over 50 billion won, there were high expectations due to its impressive scale. However, there were also concerns, given that Korean hero movies or dramas had not performed well in the past. Additionally, Disney+’s Korean original series had not garnered much attention, leading to more skepticism than anticipation for the success of “Moving”.

However, everything changed after the first seven episodes were simultaneously released on August 9th. The series received widespread acclaim for its high-quality CG, stellar performances by the cast and character-focused storytelling. “Moving” also stood out for its Korean-style approach, not solely concentrating on “hero action” but also delving into the characters’ inner lives, opening up new possibilities for Korean hero series.

Following the release of episodes 1 to 7, two new episodes were released each week, culminating in the release of the final three episodes on September 20th. The series concluded on a high note, dispelling concerns about its potential downfall. Moreover, hints about Season 2 have heightened expectations.

One key reason why Season 2 is highly anticipated is the vast worldview in the original webtoon. Kang Full created “Timing”, a story about people who control time, before “Moving” as well as “Bridge”, which connects the worldviews of “Timing” and “Moving”, after “Moving”. “Bridge” portrays the heroes from “Moving” working alongside the characters from “Timing”.

The possibility of Season 2 is also supported by the appearance of characters from “Timing” and “Bridge” within the “Moving” series. Kim Young-tak, who has the ability to stop time, briefly appears in “Moving”. Fans of the original webtoon speculate that Kang Full left “spoilers” regarding the production of “Timing” and “Bridge” within the drama.

In addition, the final episode of “Moving” hints at the potential expansion of the series by introducing new characters and developments. This has led fans to wonder if “Moving” will become Disney+’s franchise series.

Disney+ has also shown a positive response to the possibility of a new season of “Moving”. During the 2023 Disney+ Open House held on September 22nd, Kim So-yeon, CEO of Walt Disney Company Korea, praised “Moving”, stating that it had become the most successful content since Disney+ launched and a significant turning point in terms of business.

Kim So-yeon mentioned, “We opened discussions about ‘Moving’ being successful. We need to discuss specifics, but we are very determined to do Season 2.”

Ultimately, the fate of “Moving” hinges on Kang Full, who wrote both the original webtoon and the drama adaptation. Although nothing is confirmed regarding Season 2, Kang Full has left room for possibilities, making it highly likely that “Moving” will continue to expand its universe smoothly.

Disney+, which has been targeting global audiences through the “Marvel” series, is now in a situation where it can explore a new Korean hero series. Whether “Moving” can grow into a franchise series for Disney+ in the Korean market remains to be seen. One thing is certain: viewers are already fully invested in “Moving”.

Source: Naver

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