Movie premiere turned into a red carpet with the top of stars: BTS and BLACKPINK praised for visuals, while Lee Min Ho didn’t look stellar? 

Korea’s top stars, including IU, Kang Dong Won, Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, BTS V, BLACKPINK… all gathered at the VIP premiere of the movie “Broker” on June 2nd. 

The VIP premiere of “Broker” on the evening of June 2nd basically drove netizens insane with its attendees. Alongside the movie’s cast including IU, Kang Dong Won, Lee Joo Young, and Song Kang Ho, many other celebrities like Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Byung Hun, BTS V, Yoo In Na, Jiyeon, Bi Rain, and more also showed up. 

In fact, the sheer number of stars reminded netizens of an award ceremony because nowhere else will you see so many madly popular faces. Kang Dong Won invited a gang of handsome celebrities, and IU extended her invitation to various visual goddesses.

At the photo zone, IU and her best friends Yoo In Na and T-ARA Jiyeon became the center of attention with short skirts that boasted their gorgeous slim legs. BLACKPINK Jisoo and Rosé were spotted leaving the venue, but didn’t appear at the photozone. 

On the other hand, while BTS V and Kang Dong Won were showered in praise for their outstanding appearance, Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun received mixed attention for their weight gain, with netizens saying they look worse for wear. 

BTS V flaunted his CGI-like visuals with a fashionable vest suit. 
The male idol really proved why he’s the “most handsome man in the world”. 
V made a cute heart pose, drawing great attention in this first Korean schedule after dating news with BLACKPINK Jennie. 
kang dong-won
Even the weird rose-patterned Pajamas could not hinder Kang Dong Won’s visuals
kang dong-won
The actor still looked dashing at the age of 41. 
Lee Min-ho
Lee Min Ho’s baggy outfit received mixed reactions.
Lee Min-ho
The actor gained weight, and didn’t touch up too much for the event. 
Lee Min-ho
Netizens found Lee Min Ho’s hair messy and ill-fitted for the actor’s masculine charms. 
Kim Soo Hyun
Another famous actor who showed up at this event is actor Kim Soo Hyun. 
Kim Soo Hyun
However, the actor’s shaggy appearance was not well-received by netizens. 
bi rain
Bi Rain looked younger than his age with youthful tees and sneakers. 
bi rain
Nobody would recognize him to be the father of two children. 
Lee Byung-hun
Now in his 50s, Lee Byung Hun still looked manly and charming. 
IU became the center of attention with her sexy off-shoulder shirt and long slim legs. 
As a cast member, IU’s simple choice of fashion still greatly amplified her visuals. 
The actress’s blemishless and glowing skin was the talk of town. 
Yoo In-na
IU’s best friend, actress Yoo In Na, appeared at the event with an eye-catching blue dress that highlighted her perfect physique. 
Yoo In-na
Yoo In Na’s visuals were just as spectacular as in her hit K-drama “Goblin”. 
T-ARA Jiyeon also boasted a gorgeous figure in her body-hugging attire. 
Once nicknamed “mini Kim Tae Hee”, Jiyeon’s visuals never disappointed 
BLACKPINK Jisoo and Rosé also attended the premiere but didn’t show up at the photozone. Jisoo’s eye smile truly brightened up the night. 
Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s platinum hair helped the female idol stand out. She looked drop-dead gorgeous even with a mask on. 
Song Kang Ho
The male lead of “Broker”, Song Kang Ho, showed up amid applause from reporters and guests. The actor recently won Best Leading Actor at the 2022 Cannes International Film Festival, making him the first Korean male to ever win an acting prize at Cannes. 
lee joo young
Actress Lee Joo Young, who is among the main cast, made an impressive entrance with her girlboss and chic look. 
kang han na
Kang Hanna also showed up at the premiere. 
im na young
Former I.O.I and Pristin member Im Na Young flaunted her dreamy visuals in a white dress. 
im soo jung
Senior actress Im Soo Jung boasted a mighty aura. 
The outfit of Lovelyz Yein was said to be too informal for such an event.
lee re
Now 16 years old, the “Train to Busan” actress Lee Re truly blossomed. 
kim hee jung
Kim Hee Jung, who was once popular as a child actress, was criticized for her too casual look. 
jung yoo jin
Jung Yoo Jin showed off her perfectly long legs. 
bae hae sun
Actress Bae Hae Sun…
lee si ah
… and child actress Lee Si Ah both showed up in baby blue.
lee hyun woo
IU’s close friend Lee Hyun Woo drew attention for his fashionable look and stylish hair. 
AKMU Chanhyuk stood out with his extremely loose pants and orange hair. 
oh jung se
Actor Oh Jung Se, who played Kim Soo Hyun’s brother in “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”. 
anupam tripathi
“Squid Game” star Anupam Tripathi
bae jung han
Bae Jung Nam
kim jin ho
SG Wannabe Kim Jin Ho
sang yoon
Legendary singer Sang Yoon

Source: K14

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