“More pictures might appear…” Jennie and V’s “Dating Photo Leak” might be related to a hacking crime threat

While BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V are embroiled in dating rumors due to the leaked photos, the hacker who seems to have leaked the photos has been continuously threatening.

On August 25th, an article titled “I have a suspicion that the V-Jennie case is related to a crime” was posted on an online community.

The author wrote, “Everyone must have seen the V and Jennie-related photos that were leaked, but there are many rumors surrounding this, and that’s why I decide to write this,” adding, “The two are victims of crime by my standards.”

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First of all, the author reasoned, “The claim that Jennie posted those photos with her private Instagram account might sound like an established fact, but it is not true,” adding, “Jennie’s private account was already found four years ago, and it is an inactive account with no updates from a year ago. In other words, she have never posted the leaked photos on her account.”

“The leaked route is unclear, but if you look at the account of the person who posted the first photo on Twitter, it seems that they have hacked one of the two, probably Jennie’s, phone or iCloud account,” the writer said. “In other words, the hacker is sharing their personal information and uploading their photos one by one without their consent.”

The author also shared the hacker’s SNS post, saying, “The netizen who distributed the first photo, or the one who is believed to be the hacker, is currently threatening them two by mentioning the name of their common acquaintance or acquaintance of one of them.”

Referring to Jennie and V, the hacker said, “BLACKPINK’s Jennie loves sharing her photos with BTS V and her friends. Isn’t that right, A? Perhaps the media could interview their best friend A while the two are in the U.S.,” they said, mentioning the real name of non-celeb A.

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In response, the author said, “If the hacker mentions A in this way, A will have no choice but to contact the hacker. This is how most Hollywood stars have fallen victim to such tricks. Also, the hacker continues to threaten to post one photo a day.”

Earlier in May, V and Jennie were embroiled in their first dating rumor after being seen in Jeju Island together. 3 months later, a second dating rumor broke out as a series of photos that appear to have been taken by V and Jennie together in the waiting room or on a home date have been released.

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Earlier, Jennie was rumored of dating EXO Kai and BIGBANG G-Dragon.

Currently, Big Hit Music and YG Entertainment have not made any position to protect their artists’ privacy.

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