Moon Sua will not participate in Billlie’s “Japan debut” promotional activities

Girl group Billlie’s activities as a whole have been postponed. 

Billlie will release their first single album in Japan on May 17th. In line with the release of the album, Billlie is preparing various promotions such as face-to-face fan signing event, panel image exhibition…


However, Moon Sua will not attend these events. On May 11th, the agency Mystic Story told Ten Asia, “Starting from the release of the Japanese debut album on May 17th, Moon Sua will not attend the scheduled Japanese album promotions. The promotion schedule will be conducted with 6 members: Haram, Haruna, Sheon, Siyoon, Suhyeon and Tsuki.

Moon Sua is the younger sister of Astro’s late Moonbin. On April 19th, sad news about Moonbin was reported. Moon Sua temporarily suspended her activities due to her brother’s sad news. Fans will not be able to see Billlie as a whole in activities in Japan this time either.


Following the release of the Japanese debut single, Billlie will hold their debut showcase “What is your B?” at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo on May 20th and meet local fans.

Billlie’s Japanese debut single title song “GingaMingaYo” is a strong electronic pop genre and was considered one of the “Best K-POP songs in 2022” in recognition of its high musicality by leading foreign media outlets such as “Time”, “Nylon” and “Billboard”. In particular, this song’s Tsuki fancam exceeded 12 million views on YouTube.

Source: Daum

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