“Money Heist” Lee Joo-bin: “I exercise like crazy for the body-showing scene, no weight loss” 

Actress Lee Joo-bin talked about the efforts she put into “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area.”

Lee Joo-bin, who played Yoon Mi-sun, an employee of the Unification Mint in the Netflix series “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area,” appeared in an interview on July 4th.

The “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area,” a remake of the popular Spanish series of the same name, features an unprecedented hostage robbery against the Unification Mint by genius strategists and robbers with different personalities and abilities in the background of the Korean Peninsula ahead of unification.

Lee Joo-bin played Yoon Mi-sun, who faced the biggest crisis in her life after the Mint was occupied by the robbers. She had a close affair with Cho Young-min (Park Myung-hoon), the director of the Mint, and falled deep in love with Denver (Lee Ji-hoon).

The series has remained at the top since it ranked third in the global TV program category on Flix Patrol, an online video service (OTT) ranking website, on the 25th of last month, a day after its release. Even though the addition of Korean cultural colors, such as robbers who appear in Hahoe masks, is well received, some say that the somewhat awkward lines and some actors’ acting skills are disappointing.

At first, I wondered ‘Is this a role that I can play?’. I was half worried and half excited”, Lee Joo-bin said. She laughed and continued, “Luckily, I decided to join the team because I really liked the work. The original version is already so famous. Rather than feeling nervous, I really looked forward to it. I worked on it with high anticipation”, adding, “We received explosive responses from the viewers who didn’t watch the original drama. I remember some comments like ‘Why does it end there?’, ‘When will Part 2 come out?’ and ‘What will happen to Denver and Mi-sun?’.”

Regarding her character Yoon Mi-sun, Lee Joo-bin explained, “Mi-sun is not shy and she can explode with a bad temper sometimes. She’s in charge of accounting”. The actress recalled, “Since this role was already portrayed in the original version, I worried a lot about it at first. Her personality and warrior spirit was changed a little bit. Later on, I acted according to the script and the directing only”. 

Revealing that she tried to approach Yoon Mi-sun in different ways, Lee Joo-bin shared, “I didn’t lose weight and I worked out like crazy. I took PT two hours a day and practiced pilates five times a week. I believed that I should prepare well for the exposure”, adding, “In the original work, Monica joins the robbery gang. I worked really hard with the hope that I would be given an action scene.

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