MMA said, “If the situation changes, we might postpone Seungri’s enlistment”

Big Bang member Seung Ri will join the Army as an active-duty soldier.

Seungri recently received a letter of entry and is scheduled to enter Nonsan boot camp in South Chungcheong Province on the 25th to serve in the military.

Regarding this, an official of the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration said in a telephone interview with the media on March 8th, “If you receive a letter of admission, you should be admitted to the military,” adding with “If you receive an arrest warrant before entering the military, you would still have to serve in the military without being arrested. However, the investigation will not be concluded, instead, it will be conducted in conjunction with the military“.

Big Bang’s Seungri.

Another MMA official said, “We are managing entertainers and high-ranking’s children who recently started social controversy before joining the military as separate management targets”. He also added, “If any charge of Seungri before joining the military is true, the MMA can postpone his enlistment.”

Military Service Act of the National Legal Information Center

According to Article 60 of the Military Service Act (the postponement of military service examination and enlistment, etc.), the conscription or collection may be postponed for persons falling under Article 60 Paragraph 1 to 3. Article 60 paragraph 1 of the Military Service Act stipulates that ‘a person who is arrested for a crime or is in prison for execution’.

In the event of Seungri, the Military Manpower Administration shall manage the military service separately in accordance with Article 774 of the Military Service Act (such as the management of military personnel). Therefore, if Seungri is held against various suspicions surrounding the club Burning Sun, or if a sentence is executed, they can delay his enlistment.

Meanwhile, Seungri’s agency, YG Entertainment, announced its position last February when Seungri took the 364th Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency mandatory police screening test.

The agency said after having checked with Seungri, the fact that Seungri had applied for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s mandatory police exam on Jan 7th is true, but he will give up the test and join the military even if the mid-term results are announced to avoid any further misunderstanding.

Earlier, Seungri showed up at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency around 9 p.m. on June 27th to be questioned over drugs, police collusion, and sexual abuse at the club Burning Sun.

I hope you wait for the results of the investigation. If you call me back anytime, I will always be ready to answer any further investigation“, he denied all charges.

The metropolitan investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is reportedly analyzing some of the contents of the Kakao Talk conversation that they acquired on the 5th, which was raised over the suspicion of prostitution of Seungri.

Sources: Naver

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