Mentored by EXO Lay? “Boys Planet” Wang Zihao to make solo debut as Le’v

Former “Boys Planet” contestant Wang Zihao will debut as a soloist under the stage name Le’v in August. 

On July 27th, Chromosome, the agency of “Boys Planet” contestant Wang Zihao, stated, “Wang Zihao, who participated in Mnet’s survival audition program ‘Boys Planet’, will debut as a solo artist under the name Le’v in mid-August.”

Previously in April, Le’v gained recognition for his appearance on Mnet’s “Boys Planet”, where he showcased outstanding dance skills and stable vocals, earning popularity among global Kpop fans. 


Later on in June and July, Wang Zihao held his first joint Japanese fan meeting, “Lock your heart, Just do it!” in Tokyo and Osaka with fellow “Boys Planet” trainee, Hiroto from RBW. The event was completely sold out, proving his solid fan base even before official debut.

Notably, Le’v’s agency, Chromosome, was founded by Lay, who debuted with EXO in 2012 and has since been actively engaged in group activities, solo singing, and acting both domestically and internationally. 

Using the know-how accumulated through his own career, Lay has promised full support for Le’v as the trainee takes his first step into the Kpop market. Fans are already anticipating Le’v’s official solo debut, having high expectations for him as he takes his next step.

Meanwhile, before his official debut in August, Le’v has planned various promotion contents to meet his fans.

Source: Daum

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