‘Jirisan’ Joo Ji-hoon shared, “I have been a fan of Jun Ji-hyun ever since before my debut, our first meeting was really amazing”

Actor Joo Ji-hoon recalled his first meeting with Jun Ji-hyun and confessed that he was her fan.

The press conference for tvN’s 15th-anniversary special drama “Jirisan” (written by Kim Eun-hee, directed by Lee Eung-bok, produced by AStory, Studio Dragon, and Baram Pictures) was recently broadcast online at 2 P.M KST on October 13th.

After their short meeting in “Kingdom season 2”, Jun Ji-hyun and Joo Ji-hoon will work together in earnest in “Jirisan”. Jun Ji-hyun said, “It was great as if were had worked together a lot before”.

Joo Ji-hoon confessed, “I have been a fan of Jun Ji-hyun sunbae since I was young, so I felt so amazing at our first meeting for the script reading. I had admired her even before I became an actor. It’s so great to see her taking on a serious image like what she did in ‘My Sassy Girl’ and ‘Assassination’”

Joo Ji-hoon and Jun Ji-hyun Jirisan
My Sassy Girl (2001)

He continued, “She was really comfortable when we met each other. She brought me some food to eat even though she teased me for gaining weight. There were definitely many hard scenes during the filming, but she took the lead in acting and was the fastest person to run among all the actors. The atmosphere at the filming site was really nice.”

Regarding their collaboration, Joo Ji-hoon praised it as “best” and Jun Ji-hyun expressed it with the word “real”. Then, the two continued to share stories in a friendly atmosphere.

Joo Ji-hoon and Jun Ji-hyun Jirisan

“Jirisan” is a mystery drama about the best ranger in Jirisan National Park, Seo Yi-gang (Jun Ji-hyun), and Kang Hyun-jo (Joo Ji-hoon), a newbie ranger who has an unexpected secret. Due to an accident, the two have to dig into the mountain to find out the mystery.

The first episode of this weekend drama will be broadcast on October 23rd.

Source: Daum

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