“Married for 3 years” Kang So Ra “My oriental doctor husband supports my job as an actress”

Actress Kang So Ra expressed her feelings about the end of “Strangers Again”.

Kang So Ra recently met Wikitree at a cafe in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul to talk about various things related to ENA’s drama “Strangers Again”.

Kang So-ra

On this day, Kang So Ra shared her thoughts on returning to the small screen after 5 years, “All the actors and staff gathered and had a wrap-up party. In the last scene, as Ha Ra (Kang So Ra) and Eun Beom (Jang Seung Jo) went their respective ways, I felt sad. It ended with an incomplete ending, so I felt like I sent my younger sibling away.”

Kang So Ra, who returned after a long hiatus, explained, “I lived with my parents before I got married. I received a lot of support. They allowed me to focus only on work, and I thought that was natural. I started working alone in my early 20s, but I didn’t really become independent. It made me think again that Kang So Ra hadn’t lived alone. Now one of my tasks is to balance work and life well.”

Kang So-ra

Kang So Ra, who played a divorce lawyer in the drama, is currently happily married for 3 years. Kang So Ra married an older oriental doctor in August 2020, starting the second act of her life.

Regarding her husband’s response to “Strangers Again”, she said, “When it comes to work, I honestly want to continue working. My husband supports my job as an actress.”

She smilingly added, “Between parenting and work, I’m happy to work. I want to work without a break as much as possible.”

Source: wikitree

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