Mamamoo’s Wheein confesses to suffering from stage fright “I have strong obsession and pressure to do well during solo activities”

Mamamoo’s Wheein confessed to suffering from stage fright

On the afternoon of Oct 24th, singer Wheein and girl group Billlie appeared on SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show”.

Wheein, who released her first full-length album “IN the mood” on Oct 12th, revealed that she developed stage fright during her solo activities.

She said, “I have a strong obsession and pressure to do well. When I was working with Mamamoo, we were together, so I relied on them, and I didn’t experience nervousness. However, after going solo, I started to have stage fright and would shake all over.” Hearing this, Muzie sympathized, “If you feel a lot of pressure to show something, you get nervous.


Wheein also talked about getting close to Hwasa. She recalled, “Except for Moonbyul, our members are shy of strangers. They are very outgoing once you get to know them. During middle school days, Hwasa approached me first and said she wanted us to be friends.

Wheein added, “Originally, I thought I should never become friends with Hwasa. On the first day of school, she was singing in front of the classroom locker. I thought ‘I should avoid becoming friends with that person’, but that friend came to me and asked to be friends.”

Source: Daum

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