MAMAMOO’s Solar Shows Fans Her Unique Skirt, “Isn’t it a waist support?”

MAMAMOO member Solar mistook the waist support for a skirt

On October 8th, Solar posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption, “No, is this a waist support?ㅋㅋㅋ First Fanconcert in Japan today”.

The released pictures show Solar doing playful poses while wearing a white T-shirt and a pink skirt. In particular, Solar even turned around to show the animated characters on her skirt while making a V pose. 

The MAMAMOO member drew laughter when she revealed that the knitted skirt she wore was actually a waist support that was supposed to wrap around her stomach.

In response to Solar’s cute mistake, fans commented enthusiastically, saying “Unnie, you look HIP whatever you do”, “Unnie, you’re so cute”, “That’s okay. No one knew it. As expected, you’re a fashion genius”, etc.

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO+, a subunit consisting of MAMAMOO members Solar and Moonbyul, is holding their fanconcert “MAMAMOO+ 1ST FAN CONCERT ‘TWO RABBITS CODE” in Japan, Taiwan Singapore, and Malaysia.

Source: Nate

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