MAMAMOO’s Hwasa recommended the most provocative drama in her opinion 

MAMAMOO member Hwasa (real name Ahn Hye-jin) showed off her honest personality on a YouTube show.

On the 4th of last month, the YouTube channel “차린건 없지만” (I didn’t prepare anything) posted a video titled, “Our Maria sisters, who are subtle and troublesomely funny…Good..^^” with the appearance of Hwasa.

In the video released that day, Lee Young-ji prepared soy sauce marinated crab for Hwasa. When Lee Young-ji prayed, Hwasa said, “I don’t usually pray. I was forced to receive it as an infant baptism. My mother even converted to Buddhism. The house is full of bean powder,” she said, drawing laughter.

MAMAMOO Hwasa 차린건 없지만
Captured photo of YouTube channel “차린건 없지만”

“These days, it’s hard to meet people. It doesn’t make sense. I really like Lachica and H_1, so on my day off, I often go to hangout with them. “All the two of them are saying is ‘good,’” Lee Young-ji shared.

MAMAMOO Hwasa 차린건 없지만

In addition, Hwasa said about her hobbies, “Meditation and watching movies. I think I watch a lot of movies. I get inspiration for music from movies,” she said. “The most provocative production I want to recommend so far is ‘Bridgeton’. I’ve never seen anything more sexy than that. That’s where I realized myself again. It’s a complicated emotion,” she said.

MAMAMOO Hwasa 차린건 없지만

When Lee Young-ji asked, “I wonder how delayed your text reply is,” Hwasa said, “This time, I changed my cell phone and reset my app. There are 489 messages unread. I tell people to give me a call. Even though I don’t answer the phone well either. I keep in touch a lot when I’m flirting with someone. But we don’t really contact each other when we start dating,” the singer said.

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