Male Lead Lee Sun-kyun Investigated For Drug Use, Will ‘Payback’ Cast Attend SBS Drama Awards?

SBS’s “Payback” was Lee Sun-kyun’s last drama before the drug scandal broke out

As the 2023 SBS Drama Awards will be held on December 29 with comedian Shin Dong-yup and actress Kim Yoo-jung as hosts, fans are also paying attention to whether the cast of SBS drama “Payback” will attend the awards ceremony.


“Payback,” starring Lee Sun-kyun, was a 12-episode Friday-Saturday drama that aired from January to February this year. The drama depicted a delightful revenge between Eun-yong, a money trader, and Jun-kyung, a legal engineer. Lee Sun-kyun played the male protagonist Eun-yong and Moon Chae-won the female protagonist Jun-kyung. The drama originally started with 8.7% viewership ratings in the first episode but the ratings soared thanks to the enthusiastic acting performances of Lee Sun-kyun and Moon Chae-won, recording its own highest viewership rating of 11.4% in the 11th episode.

However, Lee Sun-kyun, the lead actor of “Payback,” is now at the center of controversy over allegations of drug use. It is predicted that he will not be able to attend the 2023 SBS Drama Awards on the 29th as the police investigation continues.

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Attention is focusing on whether other actors of “Payback” will attend the award ceremony. It is not easy to completely erase Lee Sun-kyun’s traces at the awards ceremony because he played an overwhelming role in “Payback.” For this reason, it is said that other actors who do not want to be entangled in “Lee Sun-kyun’s drug scandal” have no choice but to agonize over whether to attend the SBS award ceremony.

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