Male idols who left their teams due to drunk driving

Fans cannot contain their anger at news of idols involved in drunk driving incidents

Drunk driving, which can potentially lead to major accidents, not only negatively impacts the individual involved but also brings irreparable wounds to the team they belong to and the fans who support them. Inevitably, the ending to such incidents often leads to “team withdrawal” due to criticism from fans and online communities. Here, we have gathered idol members who decided to leave their teams due to drunk driving incidents.

1. DKB’s Teo

Firstly, DKB’s Teo shocked fans with news of his departure from the team due to a drunk driving incident on November 6th. DKB’s agency Brave Entertainment announced through the official fancafe, “Our agency confirmed that on October 30th, our artist Teo was caught by the police for drunk driving, resulting in his license being revoked.

The agency continued, “Drunk driving is an unacceptable behavior regardless of the reason. After careful discussion with the individual and accepting their opinion that they cannot avoid causing damage to the group, we decided on Teo’s withdrawal from the team.

Dark B

Teo also apologized to fans through a handwritten letter, stating, “I apologize to the fans who felt significant disappointment due to this shameful incident. It was an irresponsible act that disregarded the love and support you sent.

He added, “I apologize to the members and staff who are still working hard and sweating to prepare for the comeback. I’m sorry for causing harm. I’ll reflect deeply and exercise self-restraint in the future.

Particularly, DKB achieved good results by appearing on JTBC’s “Peak Time” and was in the situation of preparing for the release of their new song in November. However, Teo’s drunk driving left fans deeply disappointed.

2. Victon’s Heo Chan

In September last year, Victon’s Heo Chan was caught by the police for drunk driving near Samseong-dong in Gangnam, Seoul. At that time, his blood alcohol level was at a level warranting license revocation. The agency stated, “Heo Chan is deeply reflecting on the fact that he committed a wrongdoing that he should never have committed. He’s also sorry for causing harm to fans and related individuals.”

Heo Chan

Later, Heo Chan expressed, “I disappointed everyone by my wrong choice in a moment. I’m sincerely reflecting on myself and spending time day by day in regret and remorse. I’ll keep all the accusations and rebukes of my irreversible behavior in mind and live with deep reflection to become a person who won’t be ashamed of myself in the future.”

Heo Chan, who suspended all activities, eventually left the team after discussions with the members.

3. AB6IX’s Lim Young-min

AB6IX’s Lim Young-min was caught for drunk driving while moving to the dormitory after drinking with acquaintances before the group’s comeback in 2020. At that time, he faced controversy as he received a license revocation.

In a situation where the comeback was just a week away, the drunk driving incident of leader Lim Young-min led to the discarding or modification of prepared productions, and the team underwent restructuring to a four-member system to fill Lim Young-min’s place.

Lim Young-min

Lim Young-min stated, “I feel pathetic and pained to have to become a disgraceful older brother to the members, who have been indelibly wounded because of me. Also, I want to sincerely apologize to the agency staff who have suffered great damages because of this. The members and many staff members worked so hard for a long time to prepare for this comeback, but because of my foolish and irresponsible mistake, their efforts were undermined, and so I am deeply ashamed.”

Lim Young-min, who left the team due to drunk driving, started his individual activities after completing military service, but public perception towards him is still unfavorable.

Meanwhile, with the idol market already oversaturated, fans are tense as the end of the year approaches, bringing frequent gatherings and drinking sessions.

If participation in drinking sessions is unavoidable, it is advisable not to drive and, if necessary, to abstain from drinking altogether or ensure to call for a designated driver after drinking. It is crucial to verify that the designated driver demonstrates perfect performance until the last parking space.

Source: Wikitree

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