Low Probability of Full Blackpink Re-signing, YG Faces a Major Setback

Hyundai Securities expected that while the Blackpink re-signing issue could be a significant setback for YG Entertainment, it would have limited impact on the overall K-Pop industry

Researcher Kim Hyun-yong of Hyundai Securities stated in a report on the 27th that “the current scenario regarding the Blackpink re-signing is not highly likely to result in a full group re-signing, but it’s probable that some members will re-sign and continue activities as the complete Blackpink.”


Kim also mentioned, “In the case of a re-signing with three members, Blackpink’s revenue is expected to remain at around 70-80% of the previous level, but if it’s fewer members, revenue is likely to plummet to less than 50%, which would be a significant setback for YG.”

He further added, “However, even in an extreme situation, the influence of Blackpink in the K-Pop industry is expected to be limited because the probability of Blackpink continuing their activities is high. Even in the worst-case scenario, Blackpink’s contribution to the K-Pop industry is estimated to be around 12% of performances, 10% of operating profit, and 3% of album sales, indicating that the impact of individual top artists on the K-Pop industry is not substantial.”

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