Losing to SBS and MBC in terms of ratings, but KBS dramas in 2022 have excellent female leads 

Female lead characters of KBS dramas this year receive much love from viewers. 

After “Royal Secret Agent” in early 2021, KBS has yet to broadcast another drama that is considered a hit. While other two public channels, SBS and MBC, have both released dramas with two-digit ratings this year, KBS is falling behind in the rating race. However, KBS dramas still draw keen attention to their female lead characters. 

Park Ju Hyun – Love All Play

Despite recording very low viewership ratings, “Love All Play” is not a low-rated drama in terms of quality. Park Ju Hyun had a spectacular transformation in this role as she portrayed a more gentle character compared to her previous works. 

Park Ju-hyun

The winner of “Best New Actress” at last year’s Baeksang Arts Awards also showed great chemistry with Chae Jong Hyeop. Although the drama didn’t succeed commercially, through “Love All Play”, Park Ju Hyun managed to once again showcase her acting potential that promises to land her more roles in the future. 

Kang Han Na – Bloody Heart

This year, Kang Han Na was cast in her first lead role in the historical drama “Bloody Heart” and did not disappoint with her performance. Acting alongside talented actors Lee Joon and Jang Hyuk, Kang Han Na was not overshadowed at all.

Kang Han Na

Not only was she praised for her acting, Kang Han Na also made waves with her elegant visuals and powerful aura in hanboks. So far, “Bloody Heart” is also the highest-rated KBS drama in 2022 as the ratings peaked at 8.9%. Thanks to this, Kang Han Na is expected to take home an award at the upcoming year-end KBS Drama Awards. 

Seohyun – Jinxed At First

Jinxed At First” was off to a promising start, however, towards the end, the story regrettably drew more mixed reactions. The overall quality is inconsistent, but Seohyun is without doubt one of the highlights of “Jinxed At First” that made many viewers keep watching until the last episode. 


Seohyun did a good job portraying a character who was innocent, carefree in the beginning to a more thoughtful one by the end. “Jinxed At First” failed to become a hit commercially, but in terms of visuals and acting, both Seohyun and Na In Woo definitely delivered. 

Oh Yeon Seo – Cafe Minamdang

With the highest rating of 5.7%, “Cafe Minamdang” had better commercial results than “Jinxed At First” and “Love All Play”, but many viewers agree that given its good story and cast, “Cafe Minamdang” deserved more attention. After “Mad For Each Other”, Oh Yeon Seo brought another satisfying performance.

Cafe Minamdang

Playing a beautiful and tough police officer, Oh Yeon Seo did an awesome job. Her improvement in acting has drawn much praise after “A Korean Odyssey”. 

Soo Young – If You Wish Upon Me

Although she has yet to achieve as much success as fellow Girls’ Generation member Yoona as an actress, Soo Young should not be underestimated when it comes to acting and on-screen presence. Despite the poor ratings, “If You Wish Upon Me”, led by Ji Chang Wook and Soo Young, is still considered worth watching by many. 

If You Wish Upon Me

Soo Young in real life somewhat resembles her character in “If You Wish Upon Me”, so her acting is very natural. Her chemistry with Ji Chang Wook is also effortlessly enjoyable. Although the drama is struggling commercially, the cast’s acting and the plot are gaining positive reviews. 

Lee Se Young – The Law Cafe

After the historical hit “The Red Sleeve”, Lee Se Young is appearing in “The Law Cafe”, a modern-day legal rom-com drama. From an elegant royal concubine, the actress has now transformed into a pretty and fierce lawyer. 

lee se young

Acting alongside top star Lee Seung Gi, Lee Se Young shows that her acting and charm is just as amazing as her partner. “The Law Cafe” has just premiered but already garnered positive attention. It has the potential to surpass “Bloody Heart” to become KBS’s most successful drama of 2022. 

Source: Dienanh

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