Top 4 most outstanding young Korean actresses who starred in successful Netflix series

These Korean actresses in their 20s not only stand out for their pretty looks but also impressive acting. 

Korean dramas produced and distributed by Netflix are getting more popular nowadays. Many Korean series on Netflix have achieved great success. They also introduce to the public many promising actresses who are both pretty and talented. Let’s take a look at 4 rising female stars of Netflix who recently became more well-known thanks to their roles in Netflix series. 

1. Go Min Si

In 2020, Go Min Si had the opportunity to star in the hit horror series “Sweet Home” alongside Lee Do Hyun and Song Kang. The show was available to stream on Netflix from December last year and received extremely positive responses from worldwide viewers. “Sweet Home” depicts the story of residents living in an old apartment where terrifying secrets are hidden. They have to fight to survive while dealing with monsters that are lurking everywhere and waiting for the opportunity to attack them.

Korean actresses
Korean actresses

Although she does not take on one of the lead roles, Go Min Si’s appearance in “Sweet Home” still successfully captures the audience’s attention. She plays Lee Eun Yoo, a former ballerina and younger sister of Eun Hyuk (Lee Do Hyun) and the first love of Hyun Soo (Song Kang). Despite not having much screen time, Go Min Si’s charming expressions and good chemistry with her co-stars are what help her stand out in “Sweet Home”.

Korean actresses
Korean actresses

Recently, the actress made a comeback in “Jirisan” with a star-studded cast including Jun Ji Hyun, Joo Ji Hoon,… In this drama, Go Min Si gains much attention for her character’s adorable and refreshing styling. 

Because “Jirisan” has only broadcast 4 episodes, the viewers can’t give comments on Go Min Si’s performance yet. But based on what she has showcased through “Sweet Home” and “Youth Of May”, Go Min Si is expected to make an impression in this new drama with her good acting skills.

Korean actresses

2. Han So Hee

Recently, the public has been amazed by the Netflix series My Name starring Han So Hee. Contrary to her previous role of Na Bi in the drama “Nevertheless“, Han So Hee had a spectacular comeback when bringing a new and daring image. In this movie, Han So Hee transformed into Ji Woo – a girl who suffered a lot of pain and difficulties, especially after her father was murdered by an unknown man.

As a result, she decided to find the source of the problem. To do that, Ji Woo joined the gang, becoming an undercover henchman and an investigative agent. However, as a result of this, she will face a series of dangerous challenges. With this role, Han So Hee‘s expression received many compliments. Because of playing the role of a girl who suffered a lot of shocks, Han So Hee expressed the character’s pain through her eyes in the early episodes. In the later episodes, all the emotions in this character broke out, making viewers feel like they were heartbroken. Thanks to Han So Hee’s acting skills, My Name received the love of such a large audience.

3. Jung Ho Yeon

Another actress who is both beautiful and talented is Jung Ho Yeon. In 2021, she tried her hand at her debut role in the blockbuster Squid Game. More than expected, soon after, the series achieved great results on the charts and became one of the best Korean series this year.

It’s difficult to overlook the cast’s outstanding performance in order to attain such an achievement. With her portrayal of Sae Byeok, Jung Ho Yeon made a lasting impression. With her effort, she became one of the three players to enter the last rounds. What’s quite surprising is that even though she hasn’t been trained in acting, Ho Yeon is very good at expressing the emotions and personality of the character.

4. Kim Se Jeong

Although Kim Se Jeong is an idol, viewers have to admit that she is also a talented actress, especially after the work “The Uncanny Counter”. Kim Se Jeong played Do Ha Na, who can read the past of people in the afterlife as well as recognize the presence of spirits. With such superhuman abilities, few know that she has a painful past as Ha Na was the only one in her family to survive after a case.

First of all, Kim Se Jeong’s radiant beauty and youngful appearance stood out in the drama. Then, she surprised viewers by showing off her unique and powerful image, which seemed quite different from her true self in real life.In particular, her action scenes also made viewers feel excited. With such skills, it is impossible that Kim Se Jeong had no merit in bringing success to “The Uncanny Counter”.

The four above-mentioned beautiful actresses have made great contributions to help Korean films on Netflix achieve incredible success. Hopefully, they will continue to maintain their outstanding performance, even more than that in their upcoming works. Moreover, viewers also hope that there will be more potential “beauties” starring on Netflix series.

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