List of best-selling old albums of Kpop’s girl groups revealed

These albums have been out for a long time but fans are still willing to purchase, proving that the popularity of these girl groups is over the top!

Recently, Gaon has announced the list of best-selling albums that were released before 2018 so far. Most of those who bought the old albums are new fans or loyal fans that want to fullfil thẻo album collection. Old album sales can somehow reflex the popularity of these idol groups as well as the power of their fandom.  Let’s have a look at top 5 girl groups who have the highest old album sales.


3,800 is the number of MAMAMOO‘s old albums sold in 2018. MAMAMOO is a group that is gradually building their name based on each member’s talents and skills. With the old album sales reached nearly 4,000 copies, it seems that people are acknowledging MAMAMOO thanks to their own personal charms.


G-FRIEND has sold more than 6,400 old albums in 2018. From the early days, G-FRIEND was not appreciated uiwth their real strength and not really worth the position where the group is now. Over the time, the group has constantly improved themselves and finally has a large number of loyal fans, which is clearly seen through the number of albums released long sold this year.

3. I.O.I

Although the group had disbanded long ago, I.O.I still appears in this special chart. As a project group coming out of “Produce 101″ first season, I.O.I brings together the most talented and beautiful members, receiving the admiration of numerous fans. Because of that, the album sales of I.O.I sold in 2018 has reached 20,300 copies, including 3 music products that the group had released. Looking at the number of albums sold by I.O.I, fans regretted their disbandment.

2. Red Velvet

Red Velvet is being considered as SM’s main girl group after SNSD. The group currently has a huge fan base thanks to their various concepts through each comeback. Fans have bought more than 64,700 albums out of 7 products of Red Velvet’s releases before 2018.


It is not a surprise that TWICE won No. 1 position in this chart. It can be said that ONCETWICE’s fandom – is doing very well having bought more than 237,600 albums out of 7 music products released before 2018. TWICE has recently set a new record for the record sales of a girl group in a year.

Source: Kenh14

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