Lisa’s Absence from BLACKPINK’s Return to Korea After UK Banquet: Is The Reason Related to Frédéric Arnault?

Netizens couldn’t help but wonder why Lisa did not return to Korea with the other BLACKPINK members

On November 22nd, BLACKPINK created much buzz on social media as they were honored guests at the state banquet between Korea and the UK held at Buckingham Palace. BLACKPINK was also awarded the honorary member of the Order of the British Empire from King Charles III.

This was the first complete reunion of all four members since the final night of their BORN PINK encore concert in Korea in late September 2023. However, BLACKPINK members quickly separated again after the event. 

Only three members returned to Korea, and Lisa was absent. Many speculated that Lisa stayed in Europe to spend time with her rumored boyfriend, Frédéric Arnault. The latest report from Chinese media outlet Sina reveals that Lisa went to France to celebrate Frédéric Arnault’s birthday. 

blackpink lisa

Rumor has it that Lisa traveled to France on Frédéric Arnault’s private jet. Frédéric Arnault arranged a private jet for Lisa to avoid scrutiny and ensure maximum comfort. A flight attendant even revealed that Lisa seemed tired and declined requests for photos.

There are also other opinions suggesting that Lisa has personal work schedules. Although YG has not officially announced her contract status, many believe that Lisa has left the company. It is speculated that she will further her career in the U.S. market.

lisa blackpink crazy horse

Sohu reported that Lisa seems to be preparing for a comeback at Crazy Horse. This performance at Crazy Horse may be more grandiose, surpassing the scale of her five previous shows.

On the other hand, due to their breakup rumors, there are even claims that Frédéric Arnault did not send Lisa an invitation to his birthday party, forcing her to use connections to buy an invitation at a high price. However, Sohu emphasized that these are unverified rumors.

Source: k14

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