From V-Jennie to Park Seo Joon-xooos, Kbiz’s approach towards dating rumors have changed

Compared to the past, Korean celebrities nowadays seem to have changed how they handle dating rumors.

On June 20th, various media outlets reported rumors of Park Seo Joon having a romantic relationship with singer and YouTuber xooos. It was even said that the couple have introduced each other to their friends and acquaintances, to the point of merging their social circles.

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In response to these rumors, Park Seo Joon‘s management company, Awesome ENT, responded with a brief statement, “It is difficult to confirm information about the actor’s personal life.”

However, many photos emerged, showing Park Seo Joon and xooos spending time together abroad, often accompanied by a group of acquaintances. Addressing the ongoing dating rumors, Park Seo Joon finally made a very concise statement during a press conference for hí movie “Concrete Utopia”. 

In particular, the actor said, “I feel a lot of pressure when it comes to opening up about my personal life. Since it’s a personal matter, it’s burdensome to say anything special”, adding, “This is an event for the film ‘Concrete Utopia,’ so please show interest in the movie.”

Park Seo Joon clearly distinguishes between his personal life and his profession, reflecting the current trend among celebrities in dealing with dating rumors.

Previously, V of BTS and Jennie of BLACKPINK were also involved in dating rumors when alleged photos of them enjoying a vacation on Jeju Island spread online. Since then, many photos and videos said to be of the two idols have emerged, including footage of an alleged “date night in Paris”, raising netizens’ speculation. 

However, just like how Park Seo Joon’s agency completely avoided commenting on the dating rumors, V’s agency – Big Hit Music, and Jennie’s agency – YG Entertainment, neither denied nor confirmed the two’s relationship. This is a complete contrast to in the past, where companies would immediately confirm or deny any surfacing rumor.

While many believe this new “ignoring” tactic to be a good thing, as it respects the artists’ privacy and personal matters, many have expressed opposite opinions. 

Source: k14

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