Lisa smiled awkwardly after almost getting hit by an object thrown by fans during BLACKPINK’s Macau concert

BLACKPINK member Lisa showed a bitter smile as fans threw things onto the stage.

BLACKPINK recently held their world tour ‘BORNPINK’ in Macau. 


That day, BLACKPINK members performed spectacular stages and tried to communicate with fans. However, videos showing the behaviors of some people during the concert spread online and made fans angry. 

When Lisa came closer to the audience, most of the fans were waving, cheering loudly, and filming Lisa with their phones. 

At that moment, a teddy bear suddenly flew onto the stage and almost hit Lisa. Fans raised concern knowing the fact that the teddy bear had a small camera attached to it.

Surprised by the appearance of the teddy bear, Lisa waved her hand to tell fans to stop throwing things. She tried to smile and continue the remaining performances.

Many people feel sorry for Lisa as she was unable to strongly protest against the bad behavior of the fan. As such, criticism against throwing objects onto the stage during idols’ performances continues. 


After watching the scene, fans expressed frustration through comments, such as “Why are they doing such dangerous things?”, “It’s just a doll but such a behavior is unaccepted”, “It might have caused a big problem”, etc.

Source: Insight

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