Lisa Dismisses Rumors of BLACKPINK’s Discord By Promoting Jennie’s New Solo Song

BLACKPINK’s Lisa made headlines as she showed support for member Jennie’s solo activities

On October 10th, Lisa shared a video of Jennie’s recently released new song “You & Me” on her personal SNS account with the caption, “Omg. Can’t stop watching”, expressing her affection for Jennie.

Lisa’s post attracted keen attention due to recent rumors of discord among BLACKPINK members.

Earlier, reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin-ho discussed BLACKPINK’s contract renewal issue. He said, “The members’ individual contracts with YG have fallen through. YG is fully committed to BLACKPINK’s group activities, and the relationships of the members are not the same as before. Some members even avoid discussing personal matters together, focusing solely on topics related to works”.

Public attention is currently focused on whether BLACKPINK will renew its contract with YG Entertainment. Making their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK has been active for seven years and the members are currently discussing contracts with YG Entertainment. 

blackpink lisa

Amid various rumors, Lisa drew attention as she recently left for overseas performances without YG staff. Speculations that Lisa may have chosen their own moves, such as participating in the 19+ cabaret show in Paris, and openly enjoying dates with her rumored boyfriend, are also increasing. 

Meanwhile, YG refuted all rumors related to BLACKPINK’s contract renewal issues, emphasizing that it is still in discussion.

Source: Sports Chosun

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