“Lies Hidden in My Garden” starts with puzzling details and shifting timeline, rating remains modest after first two episodes

“Lies Hidden in My Garden” leaves the audience with a lot of questions after the first two episodes.

Lies Hidden in My Garden” continues with an ominous air and an abundance of confusing details. The timeline is always shifting, and strange details are incorporated excessively. Nonetheless, there are clues scattered around in the series; moreover, the two central female characters are connected through their experience of and resistance to violence. The series received a rating of 1.195 and 1.249% for the first two episodes.

Lies Hidden in My Garden

Amid the confusion, the series garners massive attention to the Lim Ji Yeon’s acting. One scene where her character, Sang Eun, calmly faces her husband’s death sends chills down viewers’ spines.

In the second episode, the series turns back one day before Sang Eun’s husband’s death. He drove her to Joo Ran’s house and left her back on the car while bringing a bag to the house. At that time, Joo Eun was freaking out when she saw a hand after digging maniacally in the garden. Hearing the doorbell, she calmly opened the door and saw Sang Eun’s husband – Yoom Beom. He said he wanted to give the bag to her husband, Jae Ho (Kim Sung Oh), and wanted to come in, but she quickly refused, stating she needed to ask for her permission. Strangely, that piqued Yoom Beom’s interest. He captured a photo of her and said that he would go night fishing with her husband. Back in the car, Sang Eun was checking her husband’s phone.

Lies Hidden in My Garden

When Jae Ho returned home, Joo Ran told him about the thing she saw in the garden, to which he responded a glove. When Joo Ran tried to run to the garden and prove, he snapped her arm and told her that she was only stressed because of her sister’s death ceremony.

That night, Joo Ran saw Jae Ho’s boots and car splattered with mud. At the same time, Yoom Beom was announced dead, and Jae Ho was interrogated about why he was out fishing with Yoom Beom when the deceased was allergic to fish, according to Sang Eun. When Jae Ho was being interrogated, Joo Ran started to believe he was the murderer and the thing in their garden was not a glove.

Lies Hidden in My Garden

After her husband’s death, Sang Eun falls into a financial crisis but discovers that her dead spouse was blackmailing Jae Ho. She decides to continue with the job and sends an image to Jae Ho. Nonetheless, it is Joo Ran who read the message. Now, Joo Ran has the first piece of evidence to believe her husband has been hiding something.

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