Li Yifeng appeared in public for the first time after his soliciting prostitution scandal

Li Yifeng was detained for 15 days for his crime. After being released, the actor went straight to his management company to handle some work.

163 reported that Li Yifeng first appeared after being arrested for soliciting prostitution, leading to the collapse of his career. The actor shows signs of low self-esteem, avoids the media, and doesn’t want to interact with fans.

The source compares the attitude of Li Yifeng and Deng Lun. Two A-list stars both lost their careers due to their lack of responsibility to the law. Deng Lun was accused of tax evasion, but he still friendly took pictures with fans with an optimistic attitude. Meanwhile, Li Yifeng defiled his image in the eyes of public because of his sex scandal. Many of his sensitive images and videos was leaked on SNS after the huge scandal broke out.

Li Yifeng was arrested on September 10 and right after that, all of the actor’s performance in the program of China’s central television station CCTV was cut off. Brands in turn canceled their contracts with Li Yifeng and removed all of his advertising images.

In China, artists who break the law or have ethical scandals will be banned from all entertainment activities. The social network account with more than 60 million followers of Li Yifeng has also been deleted.

However, according to Sina, Li Yifeng had a brilliantly successful career before being arrested. The actor became well-known to the public since 2014. Back then, the management agencies of artists did not limit the artist’s salary, so Li Yifeng earned a huge fortune from all of his activities and projects. The actor has many times entered the top of the highest earning stars in the entertainment world with a fortune of more than 100 million yuan (about $14 millions). Currently, the actor is the owner of 4 companies.

After being banned from all entertainment activities, Li Yifeng had to compensate for breach of contract. However, the actor only has one unreleased work, so the compensation he had to pay is not much compared to his huge fortune.

Li Yifeng, born in 1987, is one of the most famous 8X actors in China today.  He is classified in the group of “four great traffic” (including Yang Yang, Luhan, Kris Wu) and is considered to be one of the actors with the largest and most powerful fanbase and most sought-after by the media.

The actor is famous since 2014 with works such as Return of The Heiress, Swords Of Legends. After that, Li Yifeng participated in many films and dramas with high viewership ratings such as The Lost Tomb, Noble Aspirations, Legend of Fragrance, Fearless Whispers…

Source: K14

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