Lee Yoo-bi’s recent situation after denying the dating rumor with BTS Jung-kook, boldly showing off her gorgeous physique

Actor Lee Yoo-bi revealed her recent status, showing off her beauty.

On Jan 2nd, Lee Yoo-bi uploaded several photos on her Instagram with a  caption saying “2022♥.”


The photo shows Lee Yoo-bi, who appears to have visited a restaurant with her acquaintances. She attracts attention with her bold fashion with a sleeveless top and cardigans even in cold weather.

Lee Yoo-bi

Especially, Lee Yoo-bi lowered one side of the cardigan to reveal her slender shoulder and deep straight collarbone, giving off her fatal charm. Her doll-like beauty is added to this, making it impossible for the viewers to take their eyes off of her.

Lee Yoo-bi

Lee Yoo-bi is the daughter of actor Gyeon Mi-ri and recently appeared as Lee Ru-bi in the tvN drama “Yumi’s Cells.” Last month, she was embroiled in a sudden romantic relationship rumor with BTS Jung-kook due to a YouTuber’s claim, but her agency Y-Bloom immediately drew a line on the romantic relationship rumor, saying it was “groundless.”

Lee Yoo-bi

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