Lee Sun-kyun’s Second Son Went Abroad To Study Amid Father’s Drug Scandal

The second son of Lee Sun-kyun and Jeon Hye-jin reportedly left Korea

According to a report by Tenasia on October 27th, Lee Run, the second son of the two actors, recently went abroad to study. Their first son Lee Ruk is already studying in the US, and the second con quickly left Korea after their father Lee Sun-kyun was booked for drug charges.

It seems like their mother Jeon Hye-jin had hurriedly made the decision on whether the situation of her husband would affect their children negatively. According to an acquaintance of Jeon Hye-jin, the first thing Jeon Hye-jin did after reports about Lee Sun-kyun’s drug use broke out was preparing to send her son to study abroad.

Lee Sun-kyun

On October 24th, Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Investigation team booked Lee Sun-kyun without detention for taking drugs. The police believe that Lee Sun-kyun misused anesthetics and sleeping pills used for medical purposes together with drugs, such as marijuana.

 As Lee Sun-kyun’s status has been changed to ‘suspect’, the police will soon summon him for questioning. Prior to this, they plan to request an examination of Lee Sun-kyun’s urine and hair from the National Forensic Service to secure evidence. In addition, Lee Sun-kyun’s cell phone will also be collected for a digital forensic investigation.

Due to the drug scandal, Lee Sun-kyun voluntarily dropped out of the drama “No Way Out”, which was about to start filming. Other projects starring the actor, such as “Project Silence” and “Land of Happiness”, are facing a crisis right ahead of release. 

Source: Naver

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