Sehun (EXO) has been steadily doing volunteer work in secret

EXO Sehun’s heart-warming good deed is drawing keen attention.

It was belatedly reported that Sehun, who is especially fond of children, has been secretly volunteering at child welfare facilities every year.

Sehun recently visited a child welfare facility called Seondeokwon, to do volunteer work on Children’s Day (May 5th).

In addition to Sehun, broadcasters Kim Ki-ri, Oh Nami, Lee Su-ji, Kim Seung-hye and AOA’s Chanmi also participated in the event.

The reason why Sehun’s in the center of attention is because this is not the first time he has done this.

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According to Seokdeokwon, Sehun spends meaningful time with the kids at Seondeokwon whenever he has time, even if it wasn’t Children’s Day.

In January and May last year, Sehun also visited Seondeokwon and had a good time playing games and sports with the children.

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In particular, he has given special memories to children at Seondeokwon this Children’s Day.

He performed a solo performance of EXO’s fifth repackaged album title track “Love Shot.”

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Seeing Sehun showing his solo performance as best as he could to give the children a good memory even on a simple stage makes everyone feel warmth in their hearts.

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This footage was shared on YouTube under the title “Sehun, Go to Volunteer Day and Dance Love Shot”.

In the uploaded video, Sehun danced to the title track “Love Shot” of EXO’s fifth repackaged album in a comfortable outfit and a hat.

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The video added to his warm-hearted looks and warm heart, causing a heated response as soon as it was released.

Sources: dispatch

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