DKZ’s Jaechan revealed his recent spine-chilling experience of being stalked 

Jaechan got goosebumps when he received a phone call from a stalker. 

On July 21st, DKZ member and actor Jaechan made a guest appearance in MBC’s “Midnight Horror Story” and had a honest talk with the cast.

On this day, after hearing the story submitted by a person who had no choice but to take a leave of absence due to a stalker, Jaechan said, “I recently went through a similar incident.”

Jaechan recalled, “Recently, after finishing practice, I looked at my phone and saw 3 to 4 missed calls. When I called back, there was no answer. So I thought they were just wrong calls and went home. But as soon as I was about to enter the house, I got a call from that number.”

Jaechan continued, “I took the call, and the first word I heard was ‘Are you inside (the house) now?’ It was a female voice,” surprising the cast. Kim Gura speculated, “I think she is a sasaeng fan.”

Kim Sook also confessed to being stalked, “It happened a few years ago. There was a note in front of my house that said, ‘I know you’re at home. I’ll just leave today. Please open the door tomorrow.'”

Kim Sook added, “They wrote that they would come back. So I moved right away. I was so terrified.”

Actor Park Seoham, who starred in WATCHA’s original BL drama “Semantic Error” with Jaechan, has also complained of being stalked. 

Park Seoham’s agency said in an official statement on July 19th, “The act of visiting our actor’s residence, following him during his personal time, taking pictures and videos without permission, and waiting or watching him while he is serving in the military are obvious stalking behaviors. We would like to inform you that we will take a firm response to stalking crimes that are scaring our actor.” 

Meanwhile, both Park Seoham and Jaechan received the Popularity Award at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards held on July 19th. After enlisting in the military in March, Park Seoham is currently serving as a social service worker.

Source: wikitree

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