Lee Sun-kyun’s marriage story re-examined amid drug use allegations

The marriage story of Lee Sun-kyun and Jeon Hye-jin is being re-examined

Recently, an old episode of SBS’s “Healing Camp” resurfaced online.

During this broadcast, Lee Sun-kyun confessed that when he was an unknown actor, he fell in love with Jeon Hye-jin after watching the movie “A Killing Story”. He sought out her movies and attended her performances as a dedicated fan.

At that time, Lee Sun-kyun was just a nameless actor and could only admire Jeon Hye-jin from afar. However, one day, fate intervened.

A friend of Lee Sun-kyun happened to enter the theater where Jeon Hye-jin was performing, and managed to arrange a meeting between them. Desperate for a chance to meet her, he raced from Tanhyeon to Daehak-ro to see Jeon Hye-jin.

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Unfortunately, Lee Sun-kyun received a call for a filming opportunity only 15 minutes after their initial encounter, forcing him to leave the meeting with Jeon Hye-jin prematurely.

Realizing that he might not have another chance to meet her, he mustered the courage to ask for her contact information. With his determined approach, Jeon Hye-jin eventually opened her heart to him, and their love story began.

Their relationship continued, and Lee Sun-kyun gained popularity after his role in “Coffee Prince”, receiving much love and attention.

However, after six years of dating, he found himself in deep contemplation as he reached his mid-30s, questioning whether he should marry Jeon Hye-jin.

He confessed, “After deciding to get married and with the wedding approaching, I became depressed. I drank every day and couldn’t reassure my wife. Because of this, she took the plunge and left. I let her go.”

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Lee Sun-kyun realized the value of Jeon Hye-jin after their separation and decided to marry her. Soon after reuniting, he proposed to her.

As they prepared for their wedding, they learned that they were expecting a child. Lee Sun-kyun boldly shared their premarital pregnancy publicly through a press conference, explaining that he did not want his wife to secretly visit the hospital.

In May 2009, Lee Sun-kyun and Jeon Hye-jin had their wedding ceremony, and they welcomed their first son in November of the same year, followed by the second son in 2011.

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