Lee Sun-kyun 3rd summons vs G-Dragon comeback announcement “Contrasting turns”

According to legal circles on Dec 21st, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit plans to summon Lee Sun-kyun, who is facing charges under the Narcotics Control Act for marijuana and psychotropic drugs, for the third time on Dec 23rd.

Lee Sun-kyun is accused of smoking marijuana at the Seoul residence of A (29), the manager of an entertainment venue in Gangnam, this year. After the allegations surfaced, he filed complaints against 2 people, including A, claiming that he was extorted out of 350 million won due to the incident.

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On this day, Lee Sun-kyun is scheduled to be initially questioned as a victim of serious coercion involving a large sum of money before undergoing additional questioning as a suspect in the drug case.

Earlier, Lee Sun-kyun received negative results in both preliminary urine tests and precise drug assessments. However, he has not yet been cleared of the charges. His wife, Jeon Hye-jin, is also facing a difficult situation ahead of the release of the film “Mission: Cross” scheduled for Lunar New Year.

On the other hand, G-Dragon, who was also summoned for investigation on drug charges during a similar period, was cleared of all charges. G-Dragon, who became a subject of investigation based solely on A’s statements, voluntarily attended the police investigation, underwent preliminary urine tests and precise drug assessments, all of which returned negative results.

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Following A’s contradictory statements, proving G-Dragon’s involvement became even more challenging. On Dec 18th, G-Dragon was ultimately cleared of charges through a non-indictment decision.

G-Dragon recently signed an exclusive contract with Galaxy Corporation and announced the establishment of a foundation dedicated to eradicating drugs. He also hinted at a comeback as the main focus of his activities in 2024.

In a handwritten letter, G-Dragon confessed, “I went through a difficult time recently, but thanks to the concern and support from those around me, I was able to overcome it. I’m thankful to everyone.”

Source: Naver

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