Announcing their comeback, SNSD was predicted to be a flop like their 10th anniversary’s one

This comeback of SNSD is not expected to perform miracles by netizens

On August 2nd, SM officially confirmed the comeback of SNSD as a subunit. On the same day, it was spreaded on the internet that the new line-up would include the five remaining members who are currently under SM’s management: Taeyeon, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Sunny and Yuri.


Although SNSD doesn’t have as many as activities as they used to, the group’s popularity is such that they still attracts a lot of fans. However, since the promotions for the 10th year anniversary album “Holiday Night”, SNSD is thought to be not able to escape from being a flop.

  1. [+389, -66] So easy to make units out of SNSD, I wonder what combo it’ll be this time
  2. [+340, -62] SNSD is so active in individual promos and units too
  3. [+318, -66] They each seem so busy but I like that they’re doing fan service with a unit like this
  4. [+34, -15] Wasn’t their 10th anniversary a flop ㅋㅋ I remember they ended promos after a week because there was no reaction ㅋㅋ What fandom? They don’t have a fandom anymore ㅋ They haven’t released an album in Japan in three years either because they’ve been such flops
  5. [+26, -15] What’s the point; they barely get a reaction even as a group, I doubt their unit will get any more attention
Girls’ Generation 소녀시대 ‘Holiday’ MV

Holiday Night” is the name of the album and “Holiday” is the tittle track which SNSD promoted in celebration of the group’s 10th anniversary. Contrary to K-pop fans’ expectation, this comeback was regarded as the worst in their career. The images SNSD expressed in “Holiday” were criticized to be old-fashioned and childlike, which was not suitable for a national girlgroup with mature images like SNSD. Therefore, the song fell quickly

Because of “Holiday”’s poor achivements, netizens do not expect anything from the upcoming comeback of SNSD.

Sources: netizenbuzz, kenh14

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