Lee Sang Min likes Kim Hee Chul’s AI profile picture, “My style” (My Little Old Boy)

“My Little Old Boy” Lee Sang Min showed his interest in AI photos.

The July 16th broadcast of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” showed Lee Sang Min moving his house for the 6th time after joining the show.

Lee Sang Min hired two 5-ton trucks to carry all the things in his Paju home. After greeting it, “I had a good life here”, he departed for his new house in Yongsan. After filling all the stuff in his new house, Lee Sang Min invited Kim Hee Chul, Kim Joon Ho, and Kim Jong Min over for a housewarming. 

Kim Joon Ho gave his couple photo with Kim Ji Min to Lee Sang Min as a gift for the new house. While Lee Sang Min was shocked by the unexpected gift, Kim Jong Min added, “It would be nice to have a picture of a handsome man and a beautiful woman in your house”. Hearing that, Kim Hee Chul suggested that Lee Sang Min decorate a room as a guest room for “My Little Old Boy” members.

Later when the four were eating jjajangmyeon, Kim Hee Chul showed Lee Sang Min pictures of some women and asked, “Who is your style? I will introduce you to her”. However, they were actually AI profile pictures of Kim Hee Chul, Lee Sang Min, Kim Joon Ho, and Kim Jong Min. 

Not knowing the fact that all the pictures were generated by AI, Lee Sang Min looked at them carefully and chose Kim Hee Chul’s AI profile photo, saying “I like this person. She’s my style”. Kim Hee Chul commented, “This person has a cat-like vibe. She looks neat. I’ll give you her phone numbers.”

Lee Sang Min called the numbers with excitement but was startled when Kim Hee Chul’s cell phone rang. Pointing at the picture, Kim Hee Chul confessed, “Actually, this is me. You know, we can take photos using AI technology these days”.

Shocked by the fact, Lee Sang Min exclaimed, “How can this be you? How can you look this pretty?”, drawing laughter.

Source: Daum

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