Lee Sang-bo, “I took medication for depression, but they said I took illegal drugs?… I’m having a mental breakdown”

Actor Lee Sang-bo denied the charge of taking illegal drugs.

Through a phone conversation with SPOTV News on September 13th, Lee Sang-bo said, “Taking drugs? I’m having a mental breakdown. I have never admitted to the charges”, adding “I will take legal action after consulting with my lawyer”.

Earlier, Seoul Gangnam Police Station arrested actor A in his 40s on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act at his home in Nohyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul at around 2 p.m on September 10th. The police were reportedly dispatched to his house after receiving a 112 report saying “A man who looks like he is high on drugs is running around”. Through a simple drug test, A also received a ‘positive’ result. Later, the identity of A was revealed to be actor Lee Sang-bo, drawing keen attention.

Lee Sang-bo

However, Lee Sang-bo claimed that the drug use allegation was not true, saying “I have been taking antidepressants and tranquilizers for depression treatment”.

Lee Sang-bo also said, “I got depression after losing my family members one after another. As my depression worsened, I have been taking antidepressants and tranquilizers”, adding “They’re medicines prescribed for treatment, not drugs. I went to the hospital today to get all of my medical certificates and prescriptions, and I’m consulting with my lawyer.”

He also explained his positive result in the drug test conducted by the police and the reports saying that he admitted to taking drugs.

The actor said, “Nothing happened at the hospital, and my doctor also said there was no problem”, adding “The drug test conducted by the police showed a ‘negative’ result with two lines, one was clear but the other line came out faintly and it was quite hard to see. I heard the test detected it since I took neuropsychiatric medicines”. 

Lee Sang-bo continued, “I’m having a mental breakdown right now. I’m trying to handle the case, but I just cannot concentrate. I’m in such a great shock that I can’t even read the articles”, adding “Admitted to taking drugs? How can I show up like this if I ever admitted to such charges?”, repeatedly complaining of injustice.

Born in 1981, Lee Sang-bo made his debut in 2006. He starred in several dramas and movies and appeared on KBS’s daily series “Miss Monte-Cristo” last year. 

Source: Nate

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