Lee Min-jung, who protected her family from a serious scandal, reveals her current situation after 7 years of her marriage with Lee Byung-hun

Actress Lee Min-jung revealed moments of her happy family trip.

Lee Min-jung

On December 28th, Lee Min-jung posted several photos on her Instagram. As her son also appeared in a picture, it is speculated that she has gone on a family trip.

Lee Min-jung said, “This view in Jeju Island is so beautiful and unusual. Because of the pandemic, people tend to avoid crowded places, so it’s quite comfortable to stay here alone.”

Lee Min-jung family

Lee Min-jung’s family stayed in an exotic accommodation. It has facilities provided separately, including a swimming pool and an open-air bath.

Lee Min-jung family

The actress revealed her current situation, saying, “I experienced the snowy weather. Jeju was so dynamic.”

Lee Min-jung family

Lee Min-jung’s son has also grown up a lot. He has turned 7 years old this year. Although he covered his face with a mask, he looked pretty tall for his age. It seems like he had enjoyed a good time with his mother. In particular, actor Lee Byung-hun, Lee Min-jung’s husband, was not seen in any photo.

Lee Min-jung family

Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung got married in 2013. In 2014, during their first year of marriage, Lee Byung-hun was involved in a serious scandal. Two women in their 20s threatened to release obscene videos of Lee Byung-hun. During the investigation process, a media outlet revealed some parts of the conversations between Lee Byung-hun and a woman. At the time of that incident, Lee Min-jung was pregnant with their son.

Lee Byung-hun
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