Lee Min-ho’s role as an affair man in “Pachinko” is still better than these characters

Lee Min-ho just joined the team of married men who cheated on their wives with younger women on the Korean movie screen.

Stories about cheating men and their affair with women is not a rare thing in the film industry, but to be this infuriating and shameless is not easy.


Creating a hot topic with his bed scene with Kim Min Ha who is 8 years younger than him, Lee Min Ho is a shameless affair man in “Pachinko”. Specifically, after hearing that Han Su (Kim Min Ha) was pregnant and wanted to married him, Han Su immediately announced that he was already married with 3 kids in Japan. What’s worth noticing is that, Han Su didn’t feel sorry for what he did for commiting an affair or ruining the life of an innocent country girl. He also blamed that he was forced to marry his wife for money and he wanted to marry his mistress.

The World of the Married

“Our heart doesn’t have only one emotion, and we won’t stop loving after getting married. The love with my wife and the one with my girlfriend are two different feelings. What drives me crazy is that I love both of them at the same time. I love both sincerely” – This is how the bad husband in “The World of the Married” explains his love affair. Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) believes that he has the right to have an affair and even asks his wife to understand his decision to not divorce her but still spend nights with his young girlfriend. Moreover, he even gets jealous and prevents Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) from dating another man. 

world of marriage


Park Sung Joon (Lee Sang Yoon) loves his beautiful wife with all his heart but still secretly has an affair with On Yoo Ri (Pyo Ye Jin). He always pretends to be busy and often uses the reason of business trips to spend time with his young mistress. On the day of the reconciliation meeting after his love affair was exposed, he still came to visit his girlfriend under the guise of business reasons.  

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