Lee Kang-in‘s Rumored Girlfriend Lee Na-eun Hinted Music Comeback Amid His Dispute Controversy And Her Bully Scandal

Will Lee Na-eun, a former member of the group April, return as a singer in the future?

Lee Na-eun released a video of her recording a song on her personal social media account on February 24th, making netizens suspect that she is making a comeback as a singer.

Lee Na-eun debuted as a member of April in 2015, but stopped her activities in 2021 after being accused of bullying of former member Lee Hyun-joo. Lee Hyun-joo, her younger brother, and her classmate revealed that April members bullied her, which lead to her suffering severe mental pain, forcing her to withdraw from the team. As a result, April and its agency DSP Media took legal actions, calling the accusations “groundless.” Eventually, April took a long break and disbanded in 2022.

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Lee Na-eun later hinted at her fresh start as an actress but was embroiled in a rumor in January that she was dating soccer player Lee Kang-in.

At the time, Lee Na-eun explained the two were just acquaintances, despite the fact that the two were spotted together in a deserted parking lot or around Lee Na-eun’s home.

Lee Kang-in also got into a controversy. He left dinner table to play table tennis with other young players on the eve of Korea’s 2024 Asian Cup semifinal match against Jordan. Because of this, he had a quarrel against captain Son Heung-min, who emphasized he should stay for the team’s unity. In the process, Son Heung-min suffered a dislocated finger. When the news was revealed and the criticism poured out, Lee Kang-in made an official apology but explained that he had never swung a fist at Son. Nevertheless, criticism worsened and eventually Lee Kang-in flew to London, England, to apologize to Son Heung-min officially. Son Heung-min also asked the Korean public to forgive Kang-in with a generous heart.

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Amid this controversy, it was natural that attention was focused on Lee Na-eun, who was rumored to be dating Lee Kang-in.

Meanwhile, Lee Na-eun announced her return by appearing as Han Yu-ra in an episode of the drama “Flex X Cop.” Lee’s appearance was only for a short period of less than a minute, but she gathered much attention. She has also confirmed her appearance in “Crash” starring Lee Min-ki, accelerating her career as an actress.

Source: Sports Chosun

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