Lee Jung-jae To Make Special Appearance In Jeon Do-yeon’s New Film “Revolver”

Actor Lee Jung-jae appears as a cameo character in the upcoming movie “Revolver”

According to several officials in the movie industry on November 23rd, Lee Jung-jae made a special appearance in “Revolver” (director Oh Seung-wook).

“Revolver” tells the story of Sooyeong (Jeon Do-yeon), a former police officer who was imprisoned for overturning all sins and begins chasing only one purpose upon being released from prison. The movie stars Jeon Do-yeon, Ji Chang-wook and Lim Ji-yeon.

In particular, Lee Jung-jae will add supportive power to the movie with his special appearance. “Revolver” is a new film by Sanai Pictures, which has a deep relationship with the actor. This is also the comeback film of Jeon Do-yeon, whom Lee Jung-jae worked with in “The Housemaid”, and Lim Ji-yeon, who is also under Artist Company. As such, Lee Jung-jae reportedly agreed to make a cameo appearance without hesitation despite his busy schedules.

With his cameo role, Lee Jung-jae is expected to leave a strong impact despite his short screen time. “Revolver” filming started in June and has already been completed. Lee Jung-jae has also finished filming his scenes early.

Lee Jung-jae has been very busy during this year-end period. He participated in the GV of his best friend Jung Woo-sung’s movie “12.12: The Day” (director Kim Sung-soo) and showcased their strong friendship. He is also preparing for the filming of Netflix’s highly anticipated drama “Squid Game Season 2”.

Source: Daum

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