Lee Jong Suk sang IU’s “Meaning of You” 4 months ago, was this the start of their love?

Fans are bringing up Lee Jong Suk’s performance of IU’s “Meaning of You” in the past after the couple’s dating news. 

Recently, singer IU and actor Lee Jong Suk admitted to being in a relationship

In particular, on December 31st of 2022, Dispatch reported that IU and Lee Jong Suk developed into lovers about 4 months ago. IU and Lee Jong Suk’s agency also acknowledged their devotion, and on January 1st, IU and Lee Jong Suk directly revealed their love story through their respective fan cafes.

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Immediately after the two’s dating news, fans are pointing out the fact that IU and Lee Jong Suk both sang IU’s song “Meaning of You” in different places at the same time in the past. 

Particularly, Lee Jong Suk passionately sang “Meaning of You” at a fanmeeting held at Blue Square Master Card Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul last September. Here, he shyly revealed his singing skills in front of the fans and received great cheers.

Meanwhile, IU sang “Meaning of You” as a congratulatory song at Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother’s wedding in October last year, which became a hot topic.

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“Meaning of You” is a song released by the band Sanulrim in 1984. IU remade the song in 2014, receiving great love. 

When the fact that IU and Lee Jong Suk sang the same song at the same time was re-examined, netizens showed reactions such as “They must have begun to approach a romantic relationship at the time”, and “Lee Jong Suk seems to like IU a lot”. 

lee jong suk fanmeeting

Meanwhile, IU and Lee Jong Suk formed a relationship in 2012 when they worked as co-MCs in the SBS music program “Inkigayo”. 

At the time, Lee Jong Suk appeared on an entertainment program and jokingly mentioned that he had some disagreement with IU, but they maintained a steady friendship and eventually developed into lovers.

Source: Insight

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