Lee Hyori reveals commercial filming site “Advertising Queen is back”

Singer Lee Hyori revealed her commercial filming site

On Nov 1st, Lee Hyori posted a video on her Instagram with the caption, “My heart is racing.”

The video captures Lee Hyori during the filming of a commercial for a rental car company. In the video, she poses as if driving, showcasing various facial expressions. Lee Hyori’s true value as an “advertising queen” was revealed in her relaxed manner, such as smiling brightly.

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In 2012, Lee Hyori declared that she would not appear in commercial advertisements that go against her social activities, such as animal and environmental protection. Consequently, she refrained from the advertising industry. However, in July, she declared her intention to return to the advertising world on SNS, stating, “I want to do commercials again. Please contact Antenna Music for advertising inquiries.” This declaration led to numerous companies extending offers.

Regarding this, in October, Lee Hyori appeared on the YouTube channel “Fairy Jaehyung” and shared, “I did around 4 advertisements. It wasn’t intentional. I said, ‘I feel awkward when I say I won’t do commercials then do them again.’ However, whether it’s awkward or not, I did it.” She also revealed that her agency was unaware of her decision.

Meanwhile, a sports brand that signed a contract with Lee Hyori reported that after releasing Lee Hyori’s teaser photos and videos, their official online store’s new member sign-ups increased 1.5 times compared to the previous week. Lotte On also stated that after Lee Hyori became the brand’s advertising model, related sales increased by 40% compared to the previous year, demonstrating the “Lee Hyori effect”.

Source: Nate

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