Lee Hyo-ri And Husband Organized Shoes For New Year But Couldn’t Throw Old Ones Away

Lee Hyo-ri posted videos and photos of her organizing shoes with her husband Lee Sang-soon on January 14th with the caption, “Organizing the shoes for the new year. Sunlight charging for shoes.”

Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon took out all their favorite shoes in the yard and started organizing them. In the photos, Lee Hyo-ri was organizing her shoes while humming on the floor. She gave a kiss to her dog when it approached her. Her relaxed and happy vibe makes fans feel refreshed.

lee hyori

In a video clip, Lee Hyo-ri pointed at Lee Sang-soon’s shoes and nagged him, saying, “I’ve never seen you wear shoes before.” Lee Sang-soon said, “These shoes are worn for our wedding ceremony. How can I throw away such precious shoes?” Afterwards, Lee Sang-soon gave meaning to each shoe and explained the reason why he could not throw it away.

Lee Hyo-ri then pointed to Lee Sang-soon’s slippers, saying, “I think this is what we really need to throw away right now,” and Lee Sang-soon also burst into laughter as if acknowledging it.

Lee So-ra left a comment under the post, “It’s so healing to see you two. Please daily organize your shoes.” Kim Wan-sun expressed her affection for the couple, saying, “Oh, so cute.”

Source: Sports Chosun

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