Lee Dong-wook Dissed His Own Silver Hair, “I Sit At The Back Of The Bus, Where The Gangsters Are”

On February 11th, KINGKONG by STARSHIP posted a video titled, “[Lee Dong-wook] EP.01 What is this trip? Why are you going? Jeju Island vlogs with dumbbells?” on its official YouTube channel.

The video shows Lee Dong-wook on a trip to Jeju Island. The trip was decided at the year-end party of his agency. He was accompanied by actor Ko Sung-min and the staff of his agency. “Fishing is an excuse, and I’m actually here to drink makgeolli (Korean rice wine),” Lee Dong-wook said, explaining the reason for his trip to Jeju Island.

Lee Dong-wook said, “We have to take a mini bus because we have a lot of people,” adding, “People who look like gangsters the most sit in the back. I’ve already decided I will be sitting there based on my hair color,” referring to his silver hair.

The next morning, Lee Dong-wook had a breakfast mukbang. Lee was praised as a “real professional YouTuber” as he captured himself taking medicine for motion sickness.

Source: Herald POP

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