Lee Do-hyun and Ko Min-si showed off their “Comic + Sweet” chemistry in a “Reincarnation Love” themed CF

Thanks to their enthusiastic chemistry, Lee Do-hyun and Ko Min-si met again in the original content “Reincarnation Love” created by hangover relief brand Condition. 

Actors Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si have already shown their perfect teamwork in “Sweet Home” and “Youth of May.”

They have proven their true chemistry by receiving the “Best Couple Award” at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards held last year.

Thanks to their enthusiastic chemistry, they met again in the original content “Reincarnation Love” created by hangover relief brand Condition.

Reincarnation Love

Reincarnation Love”, unveiled on the 3rd, is a brand’s content in the form of a time-loop drama depicting the first meeting between Jeon Sang-tae (played by Lee Do-hyun), who went on a blind date as a substitute for his friend, and the woman of his destiny Kim Hwa-ni (played by Go Min-si).

The work begins with Jeon Sang-tae, who appeared on a blind date at the request of a friend, meeting Kim Hwa-ni, who is charming and usually loved by everyone, as his blind date partner and falling in love with her at 1st sight.

Jeon Sang-tae did his best because he wanted to impress Kim Hwan-yi, but has made a series of mistakes.

He then failed to control his power and the lid of the beer bottle ended up on Kim Hwa-ni‘s forehead, and drinks too much following Kim Hwa-ni‘s tension without thinking about how much he can drink.

In the end, Jeon Sang-tae couldn’t control himself properly, spilled beer on Kim Hwa-ni, said he would catch a taxi for her but he got in first and ran away.

Reincarnation Love

The next day, Jeon Sang-tae, who regretted his mistake while kicking the blanket out of anger, is presented with “Condition pills” along with a Kakao message saying, “Will you reset your condition and start the day again?

As soon as he presses the accept button, time flowed backward and returned to before the blind date.

Jeon Sang-tae, after the time loop, went on a blind date with Kim Hwa-ni again and tried to develop into being her lover.

Jeon Sang-tae kept on using time loops to make up for his mistakes during the blind date and eventually became Kim Hwa-ni’s lover.

Reincarnation Love

Fans’ reactions to this short drama is definitely explosive. In addition to the actors’ great performances, they poured out favorable reviews on the details that remind the viewers of the two’s previous work “Youth of May”. The lines with “Udabang” and “I now hate tomorrow without Sang-tae” that appeared in this short video brought back the memories of “Youth of May”.

The two, who were divided by death in their previous work, successfully achieved their love this time. The description “It’s a story after their reincarnation. That’s why it’s called ‘Reincarnation Love’” made everyone get immersed in the story even more.

Reincarnation Love

Moreover, even though this is Condition’s original content, many people praised the idea as fresh and new as they showed their products naturally without any PPL. In the case of the characters’ names, “Hwa-ni” is derived from the product’s name “Condition Hwan (pills)” and “Sang-tae” is taken from the Korean word for “condition”.

Internet users showed enthusiastic responses, saying, “They kept the existing worldview so well. That’s why I even became immersed in this advertisement”, “Condition let us see Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si together again. I love Condition”, “Thanks to this video, I got to know about Condition Hwan”.

Reincarnation Love

Some fans even asked for the production of a second part because they were curious about Jeon Sang-tae and Kim Hwa-ni’s stories after becoming a couple.

The full version of “Reincarnation Love”, which is full of heart-throbbing moments, can be enjoyed on the Youtube channel “HK inno.N”.

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