LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Criticized For Poor Singing Skills But Gains Points For Visual At Coachella

Fantaken photos of LE SSERAFIM member Sakura during Coachella 2024 performances are being shared widely online

HYBE’s girl group LE SSERAFIM recently made their debut at Coachella 2024 but it sparked controversies. The members faced a backlash from the public because of their bad live singing performances. All 5 members disappointed the audience as they failed to deliver a perfect live stage and made a lot of mistakes. 

sakura le sserafim

The only good points about LE SSERAFIM’s stage were the exciting atmosphere from the new arrangements of their song using a live band and the members’ stage presence, from their choreographies to their visuals and expressions. Especially, photos of Sakura at Coachella have been viral on social media during the past few days. Despite criticism over her singing skills, the LE SSERAFIM member still captivated fans with her outstanding beauty.

sakura le sserafim

With a confident and independent image, Sakura appeared on the stage with straight blonde hair, bold eyeliners, and cool expressions. Her perfect body ratio was also highlighted in the customized outfit from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. As such, Sakura still created various viral fancams despite her failed singing performance.

Having been working as an idol for a long time since her young age, Sakura is still maintaining huge popularity. However, unlike her upgrading visual, the female idol’s skills are worsening due to lack of practice. Many netizens and fans are hoping that Sakura will spend more time improving her skills so that she can show a better appearance in the future.

Source: k14

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